Participants of runs are covered by insurance: Event organiser

PETALING JAYA: All running event organisers generally offer the All Benefits Personal Accident (ABPA) insurance coverage for participants and volunteers.

International running event, Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) organiser Dirigo Events said preparations begin at least a year in advance for major run events, including engaging with the relevant authorities for permits and approvals.

SCKLM project director Rainer Biemans, who is also Dirigo Events director, told theSun that there are several types of insurance needed namely Public Liability for the organiser, Group ABPA for volunteers and staff and for event cancellation.

“Basically those are the available options. As organisers, we have public liability insurance and we have a separate policy for event cancellations which are out of our control and obtain Group ABPA for all the people working under us, like our staff, volunteers and officials.

“For runners, they have the option of paying an additional RM4 for a Group ABPA (Personal Accident) policy during registration.

“It is not compulsory as we believe most runners already have some sort of Medical or Personal Accident plan built into their life insurance policies. It’s a value-added option we provide for those who might not have their own insurance policies.”

An ABPA is a plan designed for individuals who prefer a basic personal accident protection should an accidental death or accidental permanent disablement occur.

Explaining the tedious process of preparations, Biemans said getting all relevant permits begin with the Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF), which will provide a sanction letter to organise the run.

This is followed by engaging the Malaysia Sports Commissioner Office to be able to obtain a Malaysia Sport Licence as stipulated under Section 36 of the Sports Development Act 1997.

Biemans said the licence had to be obtained at least four months before the event.

“We must get the approval or sanction letter from MAF to get the Sports Commissioner’s licence for the event.”

He said obtaining permission from the local authority, police and the Malaysian Highway Authority for highway usage have to be done between six months and a year.

Questions and concerns on running event preparations and security measures have arisen after the tragic accident involving three marathon runners in Klang on Sunday morning.

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