IAAF Trying to Get Cross-country Back In Olympics – Competitor Running

Cross-country fans take note: According to a Inside the Games, the International Athletics Association, track and field’s international governing body, is lobbying to get the cross-country event back in the Olympic games.

Middle-distance legend Sebastian Coe, who went on to lead the London Games, chaired a special summit in Belgrade earlier this week.

Cross-country was last featured in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

Coe was joined by women’s marathon world-record holder, Paula Radcliffe and 1999 world cross-country champion Benjamin Limo.

“I am really pleased that such a wealth of expertise in a single discipline could come together,” Coe said of the summit. ”We have a challenge to maintain a global perspective on this aspect of the sport, which not only has great tradition, but tremendous potential not only as a unique discipline but as a bed rock of endurance running.”

Were the event to come back, it would most likely be included in the Winter Olympics.

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